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How Skill India is set to revolutionize the future of India

This visionary mission has gathered plenty of support from various industries and public initiators, including various State Governments, in a bid to address the issue of skills gap in the country. Many training initiatives have been set up to facilitate the creation of a trained and certified labour force. The aim is to up-skill more than 40 crore individuals in various sectors by the year 2022, which is a formidable task and requires intense collaboration and planning. It has been estimated that the government will have to outlay more than INR 8 Lakh crore to this mission over the next 8 years to be able to accomplish this task. In the Budget for 2016, the Ministry of Finance has allocated over INR 1000 crore for this mission, and has also announced some provisions for initiatives under this scheme. A huge amount of INR 1700 crore has been set aside for skilling institutions under Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY scheme), which aims to support the development of infrastructure that can help skill 1 crore youth over the next 3 years. India currently has the largest youth demography in the world, and by tapping into this potential we can unleash the power of our youth force. A report by The Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship states that over half of India’s total population is below 25 years of age. It is, therefore, a matter of urgency that we should utilize this demographic dividend, and plan to overcome the skills gap in the shortest time possible. How can this movement play a role in reforming the future of our country?

  • It will significantly raise the employment rate:Many of our youth fail to get a job despite having basic education, as they lack the skills for a particular job profile. The ‘Skill India’ initiative will give them the appropriate training and certification across various fields from registered skill development institutions, so that they can become job-ready and get gainful employment.
  • Escalated Productivity: Trained professionals can improve their productivity with proper monitoring and guidance, and can improve their efficiency with more experience in the field. India’s labour force will become highly skilled and productivity will exponentially increase, leading to national growth.
  • Blue-collar Jobs for youth: Youth who undertake training under the PMKVY scheme of the ‘Skill India’ Mission will be eligible for blue-collar jobs, as they will get a certification upon completing the training course. This will greatly enhance their job prospects.
  • Skill development at school level:Skill development at primary and secondary education level is greatly encouraged. Students will get on the fast-track to being job-ready in the near future – smoothening their professional journey.
  • Increase employability in the rural sector: Youth in the rural sector do not have enough access to quality training and education. The Skill India initiative encourages up-skilling rural youth, making them capable of securing well-paying jobs after undergoing training in various programmes. This will increase the contribution of the rural demography to furthering the development of our country.

Skill India is a revolutionary and well-planned initiative which can certainly create an empowered workforce that can confidently overcome any challenges and make significant contributions to the progress of our nation.