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Advantages of KASE Certified Courses

The Kerala Academy for Skills Excellence (KASE) has been set up by the Government of Kerala as the nodal agency for all skill development activities of the state. KASE works towards the objective of skilling the young workforce of Kerala, and enhancing their competencies to global standards for gainful employment in India and overseas. KASE aims at catalysing and enhancing the role of the corporate and private sectors in developing the skills of youth and identifying untapped potential in the young workforce of the state. The KASE team comprises high-level Government officials and experts in various industries, who promote, monitor and govern institutions and academies for skills excellence. They keep an eye on advancements in technology that meets the demands of various industries on a global scale. KASE regulates and provides accreditation to skill training institutions, after checking whether they are in compliance with stringent accreditation conditions. Some of the initiatives set up by KASE include professional courses imparted by Centres of Excellence in Nursing and Healthcare, Retail, Infrastructure and Construction, Security, Teaching and Hospitality sectors, among others. KASE has set up a number of Kaushal Kendras or resource centres that are community skill parks with world-class training facilities for youth. Every program has different eligibility prerequisites, so students should check their suitability for the course before applying.

Students who have undertaken KASE courses will have the following benefits:

  • Assessment and Career Guidance: Students are counselled and guided in the right career path which is appropriate to their background and skillsets.
  • The Assessment and Career Guidance Cell of Kaushal Kendra will help each person to identify their talent and aptitude with the aid of an online scientific aptitude tool.
  • Language Lab: The rural youth in Kerala lack good communication skills and the Language Lab will help them to learn functional English (reading, comprehending, writing and speaking) at various levels.
  • Multi skill centre: Students are given practical training in technical and vocational skills for employment in India and overseas. Successful candidates are helped with placement opportunities as well.
  • Video conferencing facility: They can learn skills online through video conferencing in virtual classrooms with global experts.
  • Digital Library: This online library offers e-resources such as manuals, text books and white papers for the ready reference of students.
  • Accreditation programs: KASE identifies institutions that uphold high quality and standards, and aids them in getting accredited so that they can have a greater reach and credibility. KASE programs will maintain high standards of quality and contain comprehensive educational content that has current relevance.
  • Skill training certificates: Successful candidates who have completed certified courses by KASE will receive certification from KASE and also have access to placement opportunities.KASE Certification is validated by all important institutions and employers.

The need for skilled manpower in blue collar jobs is increasing globally, and there is no dearth of employment opportunities available in the country and abroad for the right candidate. Do check out this dynamic Government initiative, and take the right step forward in embarking on a successful career! Article by Usha Sunil