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Get set for a career as a General Duty Assistant, certified by the HSSC!

The healthcare industry is one that is always in demand, despite any uncertainties in the economic market. In India, healthcare is considered an excellent career option as there is always a growing increase in demand for skilled healthcare professionals. If you are interested in exploring this career, you could consider undertaking a certification course, the GDA(General Duty Assistant) program by the Healthcare Sector Skills Council (HSSC).

General Duty Assistants are always much sought after across various healthcare industry verticals. What does a GDA do? A General Duty Assistant works under the direction of a Registered Nurse or other qualified professional to provide basic patient care. He or she is required to demonstrate basic personal care skills, providing patient centred care safely and with competence. GDAs must be able to communicate effectively with other members of the nursing team, and should be able to use procedures techniques to prevent the spread of microorganisms. They should be knowledgeable about safety/emergency procedures and should be able to implement them, and should at all times perform within the ethical and legal mandates of medical practice.

The job role of a GDA involves the following:

  • Taking care of daily care, medication, safety and comfort of patients.
  • Ensuring that there is always a suitable environment for the patients during their recovery.
  • Making sure that the patients get a healthy and well balanced diet that is appropriate to their recovery plan.

Some GDAs may be able to travel as part of their job, and can get to see new places and exciting work environments. This is not a typical desk job, but is one that throws up fresh challenges every day, and is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling jobs for those who wish to give back to the community. Working hours are usually in shifts, and at times you may be required to put in extra hours to help with the demands of the job. You will be working as part of a big team and should be able to get along well with others and be a team player. You should have a keen sense of observation and a caring and compassionate nature in order to give your best to the job.

If this sounds interesting to you, do explore the General Duty Assistant or GDA program, on completing which you will be qualified to sit for the Healthcare Sector Skills Council (HSSC) competency exam and get certified as a GDA.

What are the career pathways open to you?

As a General Duty Assistant, you can take your career further through promotions and experience and can undertake higher education to reach the level of a Clinical Nurse Supervisor. From there, you can even reach the position of a Head Nurse.

Potential employers include large hospitals, private clinics and medical research institutes. Now is the right time to get started on this fulfilling profession- do talk to a reputed healthcare training provider and get started!