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Motivating youth to voluntarily join skill development courses

The National Skill Development Corporation, an initiative of the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, was set up to catalyse the skills training industry in India through the provision of grants and equity, enabling dependable support systems for skill development. The Star Scheme has been set up by the NSDC to motivate and inspire more youth to undertake skill development courses and join vocational training centres for up-skilling themselves and getting a gainful career. Under this scheme, monetary rewards are given to youth who have successful completely pre-approved training programs. A registry of skills will be set up, and this is expected to increase the productivity of the workforce and to align training and certification programs to industry demands. An average monetary award of INR 10,000 (ten thousand only) will be given to each candidate who has completed a market-driven skill training workshop and achieved the certification. A total budget of INR 1000 crores has been allocated for this scheme, which is at present targeted to provide monetary incentives for ten lakh youth in in a span of one year. This Scheme is planned for implementation through Public-Private and Public-Public partnerships, and the NSDC will be the monitoring agency which has set in place certain mandates to be followed. In order to maintain transparency and ethics, the assessment and training bodies will be separate. This monetary reward is to be wholly funded by the Ministry of Finance, Government of India, and will be carried out through direct bank transfer to the beneficiaries’ accounts so that there are no middle men. Economically backward sections of society will be given their due consideration. Any candidate of Indian nationality who wishes to undertake skill development training in an eligible sector by an eligible training provider can sign up for this scheme. He or she should be certified within one year from the date of launch of the scheme by an approved assessment agency. Each candidate can avail of this monetary award only once, and any further courses undertaken will not result in additional pay-outs. The NSCS(National Skill Certification and Monetary Reward Scheme) is only for the benefit of candidates availing themselves of skill development trainings from selected eligible providers, who have been pre-approved under this initiative. At present Recognition of Prior Learning is not taken into account, but it may be covered later during the currency of the Scheme. Candidates can register for any course from a list of registered courses in certain high demand sectors, and should then pursue the course which will be for a minimum of 30 days duration. The training will also include compulsory social skills like health, hygiene, communication skills without which it is perceived that the candidates may not be successful in their career. Assessments will be planned by SSCs only after 30 days of commencement of the training, which may also include on the job training, internships and simulations as may be required for attaining the necessary skills.